5 Hungarian products you must try

Magazin 2022.05.09. Kiss Adrienn, Sándor Lili

Looking to learn and get to know the Hungarian culture? Food is one of the most effective (and enjoyable) way to do so. These delicacies will blow your mind – and you can easily become addicted to them! 

1. Túró Rudi

Hungarians living abroad often say that they miss Túró Rudi a lot – but what is actually Túró Rudi? This chocolate-coated cottage cheese bar is a simple, but very tasty dessert (or snack), now available in different sizes and flavours (for example: filled with hazelnut cream, plum jam, apricot jam, strawberry jam and there is a sugar-free version as well). Rudi in the name refers to the Hungarian word “rúd” which means stick, bar. This name was invented by Sándor Klein, who was a lecturer at our university in that period – but his idea was criticized because people thought it was vulgar and had pornographic associations. Nevertheless, Túró Rudi is really a MUST to try. 

2. Winter salami

If you are looking for a fast and delicious dinner, you must try sandwiches made with the famous winter salami. This smoked and dry cured salami has harmonious flavour because of beech wood smoking and long ageing process. The original winter salami of Pick has been produced since 1869 using a well-kept secret recipe. You can find several brands of winter salami in the supermarket – but most people believe that the best one is the original Pick product. 

3. Diana’s Candy & Negro

Diana’s candy is a polarizing, alcohol-filled sweet treat: people either love it or hate it. It is sweet and salty at the same – so you must try it at least once to be able to decide if you will become a fan or you would rather avoid it. 

Negro – what a strange and politically not correct brand name! But the name has nothing to do with politics: this famous Hungarian candy was invented by an Italian confectioner, Pietro Negro who worked in Hungary in the 1920s. As its slogan says – “the chimney sweep of the throat” – is a perfect remedy in case of sore throat.

4. Erős Pista & Piros Arany

There is no Sunday family lunch without a jar of Erős Pista in Hungary. While Erős Pista is a really hot paprika sauce which Hungarians usually put into their soups, Piros Arany can be bought in a mild version as well. Piros Arany is sold in tubes, and it is providing the flavour and colour of fresh peppers to meat stews, soups or it can be used even in sandwiches. Be careful: both products are quite salty, so it is enough to use them in a very little amount.

5. Tokaji Aszú

Tokaj is Hungary’s most famous wine region with rich volcanic clay soil and special microclimate. It’s a white wine region best known for its sweet, so-called “aszú” wines. But why is it so special? The harvest typically begins at the end of October, when the grapes acquired the noble rot and they start to look like raisins. Wines made from these grapes have a rich, complex, honeyed character. They are delicious as an aperitif, with seafood or white meats, or you can enjoy them instead of a dessert.